Mureș Sport and Leisure Complex

Mureș Sport and Leisure Complex was arranged and given to use in the late XIX century. The complex was originally developed by building a rowing basin around a dead arm of the Mureș river, that currently includes four pools.

Due to their different sizes and depths, the basins are suitable for both swimmers and amateurs of this sport.

In the complex you will find several swimming pools:
– Olympic sized pool, depth 1.90 m
– Pool for swimmers, depth 1.80 m
– Pool with depth 1.20 m, equipped with jacuzzi
– 2 pools with waterslides, access for children under 14 years
– Children’s pool, variable depth between 0,35 – 0,70 m
– Swimmingpool for children under 3 years

Furthermore, in the complex are two parks playground and several sports fields.
Address: Plutelor Street, Tirgu Mures
Phone: +40 265 216 930